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Billy Palmer

Washington Redskins


Free Agent

Notre Dame

Strength: Billy Palmer is a smart, team player. Billy Palmer initiates his blocks well at the line and in the open field.
Weakness: Billy Palmer is small for a blocking tight end at 255-265lbs, though he is slower than many offensive tackles who weigh in at 330lbs. Other than being able to catch the ball, Billy Palmer has shown no receiving skills.
Development: Billy Palmer is purely a blocking tight end. However, Billy Palmer gets by on technique alone and even that isn't polished. What does that mean? Billy Palmer's NFL future will depend entirely on being a master of blocking technique, so he must learn his craft very well. If he does that quickly he could stick around a while. If he doesn't do that quickly, he likely won't get any second chances.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact, ever.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Productive. Technician. Billy Palmer is a longshot for the NFL, but if he finds a way to hang on this year he could be a very solid team player.

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