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Aki Jones

Washington Redskins


Free Agent


Strength: Aki Jones has excellent height and frame for a lineman. Aki Jones has adequate speed and quickness for any position on the line.
Weakness: Aki Jones is a bit small for defensive tackle and a bit slow for defensive end. Aki Jones has not played against many top offensive linemen and hasn't shown great technique or dominance even against lesser opponents.
Development: Aki Jones is a developmental project who has all of the physical measurables NFL teams look for in a defensive linemen. The Redskins also believe in his intelligence and attitude. However, Aki Jones still needs to improve his physique and has an enormous jump to make in learning the quickness of the NFL game and the fundamentals of his position. Aki Jones is strictly a practice squad hopeful. The Redskins and Joe Gibbs will have to determine if they believe he can develop into a solid NFL player with a couple years on the practice squad.
Fantasy Football Rating: None this year. Check to see if Aki Jones is on a roster in 2 years.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Good build. Intelligent. Developmental project.

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