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Adrian Gonzalez

Washington Redskins


Free Agent

Louisiana Tech

Strength: Adrian Gonzalez has ideal size and strength for an offensive lineman. Adrian Gonzalez has experience at both guard and tackle. Adrian Gonzalez is widely considered one of the best pass blockers coming out of the pass-happy wac. Adrian Gonzalez is more than adequate as a run blocker.
Weakness: Adrian Gonzalez may not have been the best lineman on his college team. Adrian Gonzalez doesn't have great speed or superior athleticism. Adrian Gonzalez doesn't always get best use of his size when leading the run.
Development: Of the many young offensive linemen the Redskins have brought into camp to fight for a spot on the end of the roster, Adrian Gonzalez is the one I have rated as the most ready to step in and play at the NFL level. However, Adrian Gonzalez still has a long way to go before he's ready to be a starting NFL lineman. Like most of the young guys the Redskins have brought into camp, Adrian Gonzalez displays positional versatility. Adrian Gonzalez has what it takes to eventually be solid enough to start in the NFL if he can impress coaches enough to stick to the roster this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal frame. NFL-Ready. Adrian Gonzalez has the odds stacked against him because nobody has invested in him. But if somebody invests some time with him they'll see a gem waiting to quickly develop and play at the NFL level.

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