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Sean Taylor

Washington Redskins

Free Safety

Round 1 ( 5 )


Strength: Sean Taylor is well above average size for a free safety. Sean Taylor has above average speed for a free safety. Sean Taylor has extraordinary athleticism for any position. Sean Taylor has great hands and ball instincts. He is a runner in the mold of Bo Jackson after an interception. Sean Taylor is a better, more punishing tackler and run stopper than most Strong Safeties. Sean Taylor has better coverage skills than some of the cornerbacks picked in the first round. Sean Taylor's size allows him to match up well in coverage against big receivers and tight ends. Sean Taylor has sizzling pursuit speed. Sean Taylor's excellent burst makes him a force on kick and punt blocking teams. Sean Taylor is an excellent kick and punt returner with explosive moves.
Weakness: Sean Taylor is not a speed burner at workouts, though I've never seen him lacking the speed to run any of his 4.3 opponents down during a play.
Development: Sean Taylor was a steal at #5. Sean Taylor is the most physically gifted safety to ever enter the NFL out of college. His size/athleticism combination puts him in the same category as Boss Bailey, Junior Seau, and Lavar Arrington. His intincts put him in a class of his own. The only limitation to Sean Taylor's development could be how long it takes him to adapt to Gregg Williams' very complex schemes. Even if he has trouble adapting, he will make very big plays for Washington in 2004. Oh yeah, and he's possibly the premier all-around special teams player in the draft too.
Fantasy Football Rating: Draft Sean Taylor if you like INTs, Tackles, and maybe even Sacks. He's even more sure-fire as a fantasy player than he is as a Redskin.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Sean Taylor is more ideal than the previous NFL ideal. Sean Taylor is the new ideal. Sean Taylor may be best safety in the NFL today. Sean Taylor has the tools, physical and mental, to be best safety in NFL history, barring a myriad of things that could go wrong. Sean Taylor is the most sure-fire draft pick since Champ Bailey. ( Champ Bailey was in fact the last draft pick this scouting service was this sure about. )

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