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Ryan Boschetti

Washington Redskins

Defensive Tackle

Free Agent


Strength: Ryan Boschetti has the kind of height teams look for in a defensive tackle but rarely find. Ryan Boschetti has a very strong frame. Ryan Boschetti is an excellent run stopper. Ryan Boschetti messes up passing lanes for the quarterback. Ryan Boschetti holds his ground well against run blocking schemes. Ryan Boschetti played well every time he was given an opportunity in college and continually improved.
Weakness: Ryan Boschetti plays well in his box, but doesn't make a lot of plays elsewhere on the field. Ryan Boschetti lacks trickiness in his pass and run rush techniques.
Development: The only thing impressive about Ryan Boschetti's combine numbers is his size. Don't be fooled though, they don't play football at the combine. Ryan Boschetti has always been successful and always shown improvement. He has a good body and with some coaching he could develop into a fine NFL lineman. Ryan Boschetti is entering a team with a lot of average, but experienced NFL defensive linemen who have the same skill sets as he does. That is not good news for Ryan Boschetti. However, Ryan Boschetti's size gives him a potential the Redskins don't have so he has an outside shot at making the roster and a very good shot at making the practice squad. Ryan Boschetti may never be a great pass rusher, but he has the tools to disrupt the running game and to tie up a couple pass blockers while getting his hands up into the passing lanes.
Fantasy Football Rating: Little to no impact in the fantasy world this year.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ideal body. Intelligent. Hard Worker. Achiever. If he impresses enough in his first training camps he'll stick around long enough to turn into an average to good NFL defensive run stopper.

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