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Rufus Brown

Washington Redskins


Free Agent

Florida State

Strength: Rufus Brown is a better than average run-stopping corner. Rufus Brown has excellent speed. Rufus Brown is very athletic. Rufus Brown is a very intelligent player.
Weakness: Rufus Brown is short. Rufus Brown doesn't fight well to deflect or catch the ball.
Development: Rufus Brown has a chance to catch on with the Redskins. Athletically Rufus Brown brown is as good as most NFL cornerbacks. Rufus Brown has a lot of experience and a lot of intelligence, but he still needs a lot of coaching. Many scouts believe Rufus' natural ball instincts are so bad as to be the sole reason for him being low on every NFL draftboard. If that can be overcome, the Redskins will find they have a bargain. Look for Rufus Brown to battle for the final cornerback spot on the Redskins roster this year, likely landing on the practice squad. His eye-popping athleticism will make him hard to cut even if he struggles.
Fantasy Football Rating: Rufus Brown is not a fantasy-type corner.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Rufus Brown is the kind of tools player who will always be given lots of chances. Whether he succeeds probably depends mostly on how he is coached and used. The Redskins' defensive scheme is actually very favorable to his skill set and he has a chance to succeed.

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