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Quinn Christensen

Washington Redskins

Offensive Guard

Free Agent

Bringham Young

Strength: Quinn Christensen has ideal size for an NFL lineman. Quinn Christensen makes intelligent decisions on the football field, including reading defenses and recognizing his assignments. Quinn Christensen is solid as both a pass blocker and run blocker.
Weakness: Quinn Christensen sometimes will get burned by poor technique. Quinn Christensen is not particularly athletic by NFL standards. Quinn Christensen can struggle against speed rushers.
Development: I really don't understand why Quinn Christensen wasn't drafted. Quinn Christensen may be the best of the rookie linemen the Redskins have. Quinn Christensen has all of the intelligence and plenty of experience to be a contributing backup right away. Quinn Christensen has the size and intelligence to play guard or tackle. Quinn Christensen is not as fundamentally sound as one would like, but intelligent enough that I'd be surprised if he doesn't make a serious push to be in the backup linemen rotation for the Redskins as a rookie. However, coming from 'small' football programs he could be quickly forgotten about by NFL teams if he doesn't make the cut this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Quinn Christensen has all of the tools and lots of experience, though he needs a lot of work with a good offensive line coach. The Redskins have a great offensive line coach, expect Quinn Christensen to be a successful player in the NFL.

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