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Norman Heuer

Washington Redskins

Defensive Tackle

Free Agent


Strength: Norman Heuer has excellent height for the Defensive Tackle position. Norman Heuer has an ideal frame as well. Norman Heuer had a lot of experience against top college competition. Norman Heuer is relatively athletic for his position. Norman Heuer is a full-effort player.
Weakness: Norman Heuer was not even among the top players on his college team. Norman Heuer did not put up very good statistics, though DT stats are notoriously unreliable. Norman Heuer does not have good speed.
Development: Norman Heuer is a project. Norman Heuer has the build for the position, but no history of dominance at even the college level. The Redskins must believe they've spotted something correctable/teachable in him. The Redskins already have a lot of average NFL players at the position and it is unlikely Norman Heuer will make the roster. Norman Heuer will be battling to make the practice squad. He needs the time on the practice squad to learn to maximize his skills.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Norman Heuer is a project player with ideal build and adequate athleticism. The odds are against him, but I haven't measured Norman Heuer's heart.

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