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Mark Wilson

Washington Redskins

Offensive Tackle

Round 5 ( 151 )


Strength: Mark Wilson steadily improved his strength and fundamentals during his college career. Mark Wilson has a huge frame, with better athleticism than you'd expect. Mark Wilson had enough football smarts to be a solid starting offensive lineman as a tall, gangly freshman.
Weakness: Mark Wilson is not as nimble as your average NFL lineman. Mark Wilson has had atrocious 40 yard dash times, ranging between 5.4 and 5.5
Development: Mark Wilson is ready to play in the NFL, but smart enough to pick up even more nuances from Joe Bugel. Mark Wilson is a prime example of a guy who's combine and campus workouts have overshadowed a consistent pattern of success. Mark Wilson can be expected to be a steady performer from day one. Mark Wilson may never be a great pulling or screen blocker, but he will hold his own in one-on-one matchups against NFL linemen.
Fantasy Football Rating: Just makes the Redskins line a bit deeper.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Solid player with enough size and intelligence to offset any speed issues. Should be a solid lineman who sticks around NFL for many years.

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