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Jonathan Brewer

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Free Agent


Strength: Jonathan Brewer was very successful in college, though he didn't face top competition. Jonathan Brewer is extremely athletic and has good moves and burst in the open field.
Weakness: Jonathan Brewer doesn't have great speed. Jonathan Brewer doesn't have ideal size. Jonathan Brewer had diminutive statistics as a wide receiver against inferior competition.
Development: Jonathan Brewer has achieved little as a football player. Jonathan Brewer has a lot of development to do and at best figures as a 2-year practice squad player. However, when the Redskins worked out Jonathan Brewer they loved what they saw. Jonathan Brewer has a chance to show the coaches something to keep them on the practice squad. The Redskins, however, already have about 8 NFL quality receivers on their roster.
Fantasy Football Rating: None.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Jonathan Brewer is a local project and should be a fan favorite. Jonathan Brewer is getting a chance to accomplish his dreams that most of us wish we had. However, realistically the odds are stacked against him making it onto a roster during the regular season. But signing a contract was an excellent first step.

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