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John Standeford

Washington Redskins

Wide Receiver

Free Agent


Strength: John Standeford has prototypical NFL wide receiver height. John Standeford has a lot of experience against solid competition. John Standeford has good hands. John Standeford has a knack for making big deep catches, though he lacks NFL wide receiver speed
Weakness: John Standeford doesn't have good speed. John Standeford lacks quick cutting and acceleration out of his cuts. John Standeford has a very lean build.
Development: John Standeford is one of those guys who goes out and puts up all the numbers for his team, but lacks combine numbers. John Standeford is a WYSIWYG (what you see is what you get) player. He'll put consistently go out there and catch the ball if you get it into his hands. John Standeford may have trouble separating from NFL cornerbacks, but he does have the height and hands to be a productive receiver. John Standeford needs to work out in the weight room until he is able to at least outmuscle little cornerbacks.
Fantasy Football Rating: Tall guy who could be red zone target, not soon.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Never bet against someone who has always found a way to succeed. John Standeford has the odds against him being signed by a team that doesn't have room for him. He'll have to have a spectacular training camp to make the practice squad. If John Standeford does make practice squad he'll have a chance in a year or two, if he puts on some muscle.

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