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Jim Molinaro

Washington Redskins

Offensive Tackle

Round 6 ( 180 )

Notre Dame

Strength: Jim Molinaro is a very well-built offensive tackle who plays with aggression. Jim Molinaro has above-average athleticism for an offensive lineman.
Weakness: Jim Molinaro has only one full year of college experience at offensive tackle. Jim Molinaro may have the worst technique among any of the offensive linemen drafted in 2004.
Development: Jim Molinaro is a competent athlete with the ideal frame for an NFL offensive lineman. Jim Molinaro is very raw, however, and will need time to develop his skills. Jim Molinaro has the athleticism to play guard as well as tackle. Jim Molinaro is fortunate to be drafted by the Redskins, where he will get the best offensive line coach in NFL history, Joe Bugel. Joe Bugel has a long history of taking athletic guys with great builds and little offensive line experience and turning them into the best linemen in the league ( for instance: Joe Jacoby ). Look for Jim Molinaro to be a backup or practice squad lineman this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: Check back in two years.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Raw talent with all the tools to dominate. 50-50 chance of sticking in the league long enough to learn to use them.

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