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Garnell Wilds

Washington Redskins


Free Agent

Virginia Tech

Strength: Garnell Wilds has adequate size and speed. Garnell Wilds has excellent athleticism and has shown good ball skills.
Weakness: Garnell Wilds wasn't even one of the best cornerbacks on the Virginia Tech team.
Development: Garnell Wilds needs to show that he was a backup because Virginia Tech had great cornerbacks and not because he lacks the ability to do the job. When he was out on the field with their top cornerbacks, he was the opponent's main target and held up well. He'll have to continue to do that in the NFL, where any unproven player is attacked by the opposition. If Garnell Wilds can impress enough to get on the roster, he'll get his chance to play out on the field in Gregg William's defense back-heavy schemes.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Garnell Wilds has all of the tools to be a solid NFL cornerback. Garnell Wilds is a longshot, however. Garnell Wilds needs to make an impression on special teams and learn the fundamentals quickly, before exhibition season, to make the team.

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