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Dennard Wilson

Washington Redskins

Strong Safety

Free Agent


Strength: Dennard Wilson is an excellent tackler. Dennard Wilson has a nose for the ball. Dennard Wilson is an effort player. Dennard Wilson is much stronger than his small features would lead you to believe. Dennard Wilson was originally a cornerback, a position more suited to his size.
Weakness: Dennard Wilson is undersized for any position on the defensive side of the field. Dennard Wilson was not much more than a solid starter in college.
Development: Due to his size, Dennard Wilson figures as a longshot to be a strong safety in the NFL. Dennard Wilson's experience at cornerback could be his best chance. While it is unlikely he will actually be asked to play cornerback, the Redskins defense has a place for nickel backs with his blend of pass coverage and run stopping skills. Dennard Wilson played a lot in college against solid competition, and that experience gives him a shot to push for the final defensive back slot on the Redskins. Dennard Wilson could use some work on his ball and coverage skills, but otherwise he's as ready to go as he'll get.
Fantasy Football Rating: No impact.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Ready to play. Solid college career. Less than average NFL build and skills. Very slight chance of making the team, but would make a great fan favorite underdog if he did make the team.

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