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Chris Cooley

Washington Redskins

Tight End

Round 3 ( 81 )

Utah State

Strength: Chris Cooley was a rare college tight end / fullback team superstar by the end of his sophomore year of college at Utah State. Chris Cooley plays with as much 'football smarts' / instinct as anyone in this year's draft. Chris Cooley has great hands. Chris Cooley runs great routes, particularly in zone and one-on-one coverage schemes. Chris Cooley is an excellent power run blocker, protection pass blocker, and blocker in the flat. Chris Cooley is an excellent open-field special teams tackler.
Weakness: Chris Cooley looks like he is in slow motion on the football field.
Development: The Redskins traded up and got a steal with the 81st pick in the 2004 draft, Chris Cooley. There is little doubt Winslow Junior was the most athletic Tight End in the draft, but the Redskins are probably just as well off with Cooley. While he isn't going to scare defenses the way a Winslow would, Chris Cooley may drive them insane by consistently picking up big short yardage plays receiving and blocking. Cooley is already a complete, ready-to-go NFL starter at one of the most cerebral positions on any football field - Joe Gibbs' H-Back. Cooley is ready to be a very solid four-down player who makes every other Redskin player on the field better, as a workhorse who can always be counted on to do his assignment well.
Fantasy Football Rating: If he beats out the three or four better than average H-Backs already on the roster, Cooley should be a top 10 tight end this year. Otherwise, draft him next year. Should be touchdown machine both as a blocker for Portis and as a Receiver in the Red Zone. Don't look for 1000 yards though.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Remember when the Redskins had Frank Wycheck? Chris Cooley is eerily similar. Chris Cooley should rack up a lot of catches but is not a threat in the deep passing game. Could be one of best tight ends in football already, but that lack of deep plays may keep him from making many highlight reels and Pro Bowls.

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