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Billy Strother

Washington Redskins

Outside Linebacker

Free Agent

New Mexico

Strength: Billy Strother is an excellent athlete, reaching sideline to sideline when pursuing a ball carrier. Billy Strother has a big body, which he explodes into hist tackles. Billy Strother has always overachieved expectations in college. Billy Strother shows some good instincts for blitzing.
Weakness: Billy Strother is weak in both zone and man pass coverage. Billy Strother is a bit short for a Linebacker and doesn't possess great speed.
Development: Billy Strother is a ready-made run-stopping outside linebacker. His build and skills may be more suited for middle linebacker, but the learning curve for that position is deep. Billy Strother does have excellent instincts and the football smarts Joe Gibbs loves. Billy Strother needs a lot of work on his pass defense skills before he is ready to be an every down player, although he could be a very effective blitzer on passing downs. Billy Strother has all of the skills to be an NFL backup now. A couple years on a practice squad could turn him into a better than average NFL linebacker. If he can showcase his better than average special teams skills he could make the roster this year.
Fantasy Football Rating: He's about four Washington DC linebacker injuries away from being a part-time starter.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: Being a free agent rookie he has to show something to the Redskins camp or he may not get the chance to develop. If he gets that chance he should be a fine starting or 4th linebacker in the NFL down the road and an impact special teams player.

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