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Kevin Williams

Minnesota Vikings



Oklahoma State

Strength: Kevin Williams is Tall enough to interfere with passing lanes. Having more speed than most DTs, Kevin Williams is fast enough to make open field plays and persue sideline to sideline in persuit of QBs and Running Backs.
Weakness: Hasn't shown real good moves on the line. Not as bulky as most DTs.
Development: Kevin Williams is a gamble. He is one of those players with athletic skills and size, but who doesn't have the power qualities teams search for in DT. He plays more like a DE then a DT and you have to wonder if that is where Kevin will end up at the next level. With hard work though, Kevin Williams could also turn into a steal. Kevin Williams will have to learn the fundamentals and reads necessary to overcome his deficiencies and to highlight the areas where he has superior skills for a lineman. He will make some big plays this year and a lot of mistakes too.
Fantasy Football Rating: His college stats until last year were rather average for a lineman. It's hard to think Kevin Williams will have better stats his first couple years against NFL level competition, regardless of how well he plays in reality.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 70% chance of success. 25% chance of Pro Bowl.

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