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Artose Pinner

Detroit Lions




Strength: Artose Pinner has good bulk, decent speed, good vision, and good running technique. Artose Pinner is a polished running back who is a capable blocker and receiver.
Weakness: Artose Pinner has a fumbler reputation. Artose Pinner doesn't have great speed and isn't much of an outside runner.
Development: Artose Pinner has been a very productive college quarterback and has the skills to be a workhorse in the pro game. Being a 4th rounder, Artose Pinner will have to earn a starting job, but once he does there is no reason he can't be an annual 1000 yard rusher in an offense that features running between the tackles.
Fantasy Football Rating: If he wins the starting job, expect Artose Pinner to have lots of touchdowns and quality yardage totals.
Prospect Type: Productive. Ready-to-go.

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