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Dennis Weathersby

Cincinnati Bengals



Oregon State

Strength: Dennis Weathersby has ideal cornerback size. Dennis Weathersby shut down a lot of opponents' best receivers. Dennis Weathersby uses his size well to be physical with receivers and make good tackles.
Weakness: Dennis Weathersby was exploited by old-fashioned, highly-agile, speedy, little receivers such as the ones employed by Fresno State. Dennis Weathersby was shot shortly before the draft, but is expected to make full recovery. Dennis Weathersby has tiny hands, and it shows in his low INT numbers.
Development: Dennis Weathersby has the build and history of success that would have made him a #1 pick. Dennis Weathersby moves well and should be one of the better man-to-man cover corners in the league against big receivers. Dennis Weathersby may struggle and need coverage help when matched up with teams playing multiple little, quick receivers, such as the WRs St. Louis and Washington like to use. Expect Dennis Weathersby to step in and challenge for a starting cornerback job for the Bengals right away.
Fantasy Football Rating: Dennis Weathersby should lower opponents' passing yards and help with the run.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Ideal size.

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