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Chris Simms

Tampa Bay Buccaneers




Strength: Chris Simms put up great college numbers. Chris Simms has adequate arm strength and good accuracy. Chris Simms is very inteligent. Chris Simms moves around well. Chris Simms has ideal QB size.
Weakness: Chris Simms has a reputation for blowing the big game. Chris Simms needs to continue to improve his technique.
Development: Chris Simms has all the skills and a bad rap. He got a lot of experience in college, but Chris Simms still needs a lot more experience. Tampa Bay is an ideal destination for him because he should have time to develop. Physically he has the skills. Look for Chris Simms to make a push to start in 3 or 4 years, unless Tampa decides to hurry him for salary cap cutting reasons.
Fantasy Football Rating: Get back to us in a few years.
Prospect Type: Project. Ideal Physical Makeup.

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