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Justin Fargas

Oakland Raiders




Strength: Justin Fargas has good size, great strength, and is very elusive. Justin Fargas has played safety and special teams. Reminds some of Bo Jackson, without quite as much strength and acceleration...drops passes, runs with power, slippery jersey, and runs faster than it looks like so that he deceives defenders into taking bad angles. Justin Fargas has kick return experience.
Weakness: Justin Fargas had unimpressive statistics and wasn't a consistant starter Michigan or USC. Justin Fargas doesn't always have the vision or quick hole hitting skills a running back needs.
Development: Justin Fargas is a player drafted on impressive physical statistics. Oakland believes with a lot of patient coaching he can turn his physical skills into future production. Justin Fargas is then the ideal RB for Oakland because they have no immediate need for a starter or backup. They may have plans to use Justin Fargas in the kick return game to utilize his great open field speed and strength.
Fantasy Football Rating:
Prospect Type: Raw. Project. Special Skill - speed.

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