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Billy McMullen

Philadelphia Eagles




Strength: Billy McMullen is a WR in a QB's body. Billy McMullen was extremely productive in college. Billy McMullen is big enough and willing to block down field. Billy McMullen shows off his awesome hands at times.
Weakness: For all his college experience and his apparent intelligence, Billy McMullen has very raw looking technique (his size probably made things too easy for him). Billy McMullen's football speed isn't as good as his workout speeds.
Development: Billy McMullen is an interesting prospect. Billy McMullen has completely different skills than Philadelphia's other receivers, indicating that Philadelphia believes they need a high-catch-total receiver that McNabb can consistently hit when the deep receivers are covered. McNabb has had to dump the ball off to running backs or take off running too often when nothing is available. If that is the case, Billy McMullen might develop into the perfect guy for the job. Billy McMullen will need more than just height at the NFL level, so he's going to have to work hard on his technique over the next couple years if he wants to be a starting receiver.
Fantasy Football Rating: Hard target to miss, so if he gets on the field he should have some catches. Could be great red-zone target on the outside.
Prospect Type: Project. Ideal size.

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