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Angelo Crowell

Buffalo Bills




Strength: Angelo Crowell is very strong in the upper body. Angelo Crowell has good football instincts and reads plays well. Angelo Crowell makes a ton of tackles and occasionally manages to separate the ball from the carrier. Angelo Crowell is athletic enough to cover linebackers and running backs. Angelo Crowell has a knack of maneuvering through blockers as they come at him in order to make a play on the ball carrier.
Weakness: Angelo Crowell is small for a linebacker. Angelo Crowell doesn't move exceptionally fast for an undersized linebacker, though he gets to the ball carriers consistantly.
Development: Angelo Crowell has instincts you can't coach, and that's why he may make it in this league as a middle linebacker. Angelo Crowell is ready to play, which is rare for a rookie MLB.
Fantasy Football Rating: Could have an impact on stopping up opponents run games if he starts.
Prospect Type: Productive. Ready-to-go.

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