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Chris Brown

Tennessee Titans




Strength: Chris Brown is big, tall, strong, and fast. Chris Brown runs through the arm tackles of linemen and runs over defensive backs. Chris Brown has an interesting running style similar to riding a motorcycle..he leans into his turns to effectively move through tiny holes. Chris Brown shows very good balance. Chris Brown has played some fullback and is a capable blocker.
Weakness: Chris Brown doesn't have any nifty moves.
Development: Because of the similarity in build and running styles, Chris Brown will be an excellent replacement for Eddie George some day...possibly this year if George doesn't get back over 4 yard per carry. Tennessee has tried a variety of big backs to back up George in recent years, but none of them had George's power. Chris Brown does. Chris Brown can surprise a defense with his straight-ahead speed when he gets past the line as well. Chris Brown is ready to play a pro bowl level in the right offense, and Tennessee is the right offense. Chris Brown will need to work on pass receiving and blocking assignments, which weren't priorities at Colorado.
Fantasy Football Rating: When he starts, get him. Could be top rookie running back this year if George struggles or has more injuries. Might not be a bad draft pick to back up Eddie George on your fantasy team if you have Eddie George already.
Prospect Type: Productive. Big. Ready-to-go.

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