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Julian Battle

Kansas City Chiefs




Strength: Julian Battle is a big cornerback with ideal cornerback height. Julian Battle did a very good job of covering larger receivers and tight ends in college.
Weakness: Julian Battle doesn't have ideal speed for a CB and may be better suited for safety, though he isn't a big hitter.
Development: Julian Battle has a lot of development ahead of him. Julian Battle is better for a team that uses a zone scheme, as he doesn't really have CB speed. However, with the west coast short-pass, big-receiver trend, Julian Battle may be one of the more effective CBs in the league against big receivers...some time down the road. Julian Battle projects better as a Safety in my mind, but safety is a position you have to want to play. Julian Battle has skills and should be around as long as he has determination.
Fantasy Football Rating: Not this year.
Prospect Type: Project. Ideal-size.

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