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Vishante Shiancoe

New York Giants



Morgan State

Strength: Vishante Shiancoe has rare athletic skills for a tight end. Vishante Shiancoe runs well, has good hand eye coordination, and excellent leaping ability. Vishante Shiancoe is also muscular. Vishante Shiancoe is good at finding seams.
Weakness: Vishante Shiancoe is undersized for blocking, and doesn't use the size he has to full effect.
Development: Vishante Shiancoe is an athletic tight end who was very productive last year at Morgan State. Vishante Shiancoe needs to learn to block before he starts at tight end. Vishante Shiancoe has raw receiving technique as well. Vishante Shiancoe appears to have the intelligence necessary to learn the fundamentals of tight end with the help of a tight ends coach. In a couple years Vishante Shiancoe could be putting up good numbers as New York's #2 receiving tight end. Imagining New York in a one back set with 2 receivers and 2 tight ends is an interesting projection thought: major matchup problems for teams without great cover safeties and linebackers.
Fantasy Football Rating: Jeremy who? Umm, the guy soon to have the tight end receptions record. Shiancoe won't be the guy at tight end while Shockey is around.
Prospect Type: Raw Athlete.

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