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Donald Strickland

Indianapolis Colts




Strength: Donald Strickland is an intelligent player who has a knack for reading plays and pass routes. Donald Strickland has a very strong upper body for a cornerback, and likes to show it off as a physical, aggressive tackler. Donald Strickland shows good ball skills and explosiveness with the ball in his hands. Donald Strickland made an incredible amount of tackles for a cornerback.
Weakness: Donald Strickland is short and light.
Development: If Donald Strickland was a little bigger he would probably project as a Safety. If Donald Strickland were a little faster he would probably have been a top 10 draft pick. Donald Strickland doesn't really have cornerback speed, but he makes up for it with great football intelligence and great athleticism. Donald Strickland is good enough to step right in as a nickel cornerback this year. Donald Strickland can be an exciting and great player, but he will have to find a way to play against receivers who are 5 inches taller and much faster than him. That is quite a challenge, but Donald Strickland was too good in college to make the mistake of thinking he can't be great. Donald Strickland is a guy you want with the ball in his hands, so Indianapolis might try to get him the ball on special teams.
Fantasy Football Rating: Donald Strickland makes a lot of tackles and has the skills to read and break quickly on plays for interceptions...and then to take the ball all the way. So if he starts, he might be a good sleeper pick-up.
Prospect Type: Productive. Athletic.

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