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Jordan Gross

Carolina Panthers




Strength: Jordan Gross is an excellent athlete. When you watch Jordan Gross on film what you see looks more like the great offensive linemen of 25 years ago, quick and fluid to react and respond and to proact to defensive players. He is fundamentally far ahead of most of the players in the draft, due to superior intelligence.
Weakness: Jordan Gross at 300lbs is a bit small for a modern tackle and he will be facing defensive linemen in the NFL who are bigger and stronger than him.
Development: Jordan Gross is ready to start right now. He will learn some hard lessons when 300lbs defensive linemen have the speed to blow by him on one play and then run him over on the next play, which he didn't get much chance to experience in college. But his athleticism will help him recover quickly and his intelligence will allow him to adapt to prevent it from happening again. The first year could be hard for him, but he'll be ok.
Fantasy Football Rating: He's not going to pancake a lot of people to make running lanes for Stephen Davis, but he will get in the way and stop direct hits on the RB. As hard as Stephen Davis runs, that will be all he needs for some big gains. Jordan Gross will make the QB and WR stats far better than they would be without him.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 70% chance of success. 45% chance of Pro Bowl.

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