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Dave Ragone

Houston Texans




Strength: Dave Ragone is big and incredibly strong for a QB. Dave Ragone tosses blitzing corners off him like insects. Dave Ragone has good sack-avoidance instincts. Dave Ragone is an intelligant QB who makes good reads.
Weakness: Dave Ragone has a lot of accuracy and consistency issues on his throws last year, though his interception totals were not bad.
Development: Dave Ragone and David Carr will give Houston two of the most muscular QBs in the league. Dave Ragone will have to be more accurate in the NFL because cornerbacks don't give a lot of space for completions and will battle for passes. Dave Ragone probably would have been drafted higher last year because his accuracy numbers dropped considerably. Dave Ragone probably is not ready for the NFL, but he's not expected to start in Houston anyways. Dave Ragone will have plenty of time to develop, and with his body and athleticism he's worth it.
Fantasy Football Rating: Stay away.
Prospect Type: Project. Great build.

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