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Taylor Whitley

Miami Dolphins




Strength: Taylor Whitley has the current ideal size and muscular build for a Guard. Taylor Whitley positions well in pass protection. Taylor Whitley's pure strength leaves a lot of linemen on their backs during running plays.
Weakness: Taylor Whitley doesn't have any speed at all, which could be a problem in pulling guard running schemes. Taylor Whitley doesn't always display athleticism.
Development: Taylor Whitley is a big man who always seems to play well on the field. Taylor Whitley was a very safe third round selection. Taylor Whitley has some technique issues to work on, but he could step in right now and be dominant on runs up the middle and pass protection. Taylor Whitley should be able to get the job done at this level.
Fantasy Football Rating: Rickey Williams should be happy with this selection, and Jay Fiedler shouldn't mind either.
Prospect Type: Ideal Size. Ready-to-go.

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