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Cie Grant

New Orleans Saints



Ohio State

Strength: Cie Grant is a determined player on the field. Cie Grant has good linebacker speed. Cie Grant has the skills to be a special teams tackler. Cie Grant has good pass rush moves. Had the cover skills to start at cornerback one year against top college competition.
Weakness: Cie Grant is very small for linebacker.
Development: I've seen more dominant college LB of Cie Grant's stature that didn't get drafted. This makes me think Cie Grant could end up playing safety, but he doesn't really have that kind of speed, though the agility is there, Cie Grant would be one of the biggest and most muscular safeties in the league and many feel that's his best position. Cie Grant is hard to project for the future because he could be used in so many different ways.
Fantasy Football Rating: Has shown blitzing skills and could get some sacks when he starts or as a pass-rush specialist on the outside.
Prospect Type: Tweener. Productive. Athlete.

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