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B.J. Askew

New York Jets




Strength: B.J. Askew is a very big running back. B.J. Askew is an excellent receiver in the flat. B.J. Askew has good speed. B.J. Askew runs over a lot of people and can take a good hit without going down.
Weakness: B.J. Askew isn't shifty at all.
Development: B.J. Askew is an interesting pick by New York as he doesn't have the typical agility you expect in a running back. B.J. Askew has more of the build of a fullback, but would need a couple years of coaching to attempt that kind of switch. B.J. Askew fits very well in a power running game as a halfback though, and that is something New York would like to run. Curtis Martin is an adequate power runner, but he's really built more for shifty running. The pounding has become evident on Curtis Martin and New York was looking to find a potential replacement who fits the offense better. New York also likes to throw to its running backs and BJ is quite capable in that scheme. B.J. Askew probably wouldn't succeed in most offenses, but when the time comes he could be very successful in their offense.
Fantasy Football Rating: Size and style to push through piles for TDs. Good receiver. Type of runner who thrives on high carries numbers.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Big.

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