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Chris Crocker

Cleveland Browns




Strength: Chris Crocker has good speed, strength, and athleticism for the safety position. Chris Crocker has experience covering receivers one-on-one. Chris Crocker is physical in coverage and making tackles
Weakness: Chris Crocker is small for a run stopper, but more suited for it than one-on-one coverage.
Development: Chris Crocker is a bit small for playing safety, but that is probably what he'll do in the NFL. Chris Crocker is adequate at everything a safety needs to do, so he can probably step right in whenever he's needed at either safety position. Chris Crocker has special teams skills. Chris Crocker plays with a noticeable enthusiam for the ball. Yet Chris Crocker had curiously few interceptions with plenty of pass deflections on his college resume. Chris Crocker might want to spend extra time on tip drills and maybe even practice with the WRs. Though he is already very strong, Chris Crocker should spend some time in the weight room putting on 10-15 more pounds if he wants to make the leap beyond average.
Fantasy Football Rating: Chris Crocker doesn't put up big statistics.
Prospect Type: Solid all-around.

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