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Sam Williams

Oakland Raiders



Fresno State

Strength: Sam Williams is a tall LB who started out lanky and has gotten bigger every year. Sam Williams is a sideline-to-sideline playmaker. Sam Williams has the speed, agility, and height to easily mirror tight ends. Sam Williams is a top special teams performer blocking kicks and tackling returners.
Weakness: Sam Williams is a bit too skinny and can be pushed around.
Development: Sam Williams is an athletic linebacker who persues relentlessly. Sam Williams needs technique work and to continue to get bigger to play against larger pro players. Sam Williams probably is a year away from being ready to start. Sam Williams has the skills to develop into a good pass defense linebacker, and is already a good run stopper in spite of his lean build.
Fantasy Football Rating: Sam Williams didn't put up a lot of stats in college, other than on special teams.
Prospect Type: Basketball player height and athleticism.

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