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Ricky Manning

Denver Broncos




Strength: Ricky Manning has great mirroring skills in man defense and great technique in zone coverage. Ricky Manning is a willing, but small, run stopper. Ricky Manning shows good football intelligence on the field. Ricky Manning plays stronger than his size indicates.
Weakness: Ricky Manning physically has nearly everything that scouts don't like - short, light, slow, and mediocre jumping ability.
Development: If Ricky Manning was 5 inches taller he would have of been a top 10 pick, but he's not. Ricky Manning already has better than average technique and is probably as ready to play now as he will ever be. Ricky Manning uses what physical tools he has to their maximum effect. Ricky Manning is good enough to start right now, but will have to battle for the opportunity.
Fantasy Football Rating: If he somehow became a starter on this team everyone would try to pick on him, and that could mean some INTs.
Prospect Type: Polished and Ready-to-go. Productive.

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