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Derrick Dockery

Washington Redskins




Strength: Derrick Dockery is a huge lineman. Derrick Dockery defies size stereotypes by having excellent adjustments technique and movement. Derrick Dockery rarely made a mistake, mental or physical, as a blocker last year. Derrick Dockery routinely overpowered top college linemen and linebackers.
Weakness: Derrick Dockery has unimpressive workout numbers.
Development: Washington had Derrick Dockery listed as a first round talent and could not believe it when he was available in the mid-third round. Washington coaches believe Derrick Dockery will be able to play anywhere on the line and project him as their third tackle this season. Derrick Dockery is larger than your typical Guard, and Washington has signed two Guards they already believe are close to Pro Bowl caliber...yet Washington believes he could challenge for a starting Guard job this year. Derrick Dockery should be the first guy called into a game when a lineman needs to come out of the game or has an injury. Derrick Dockery could develop into one of the best linemen in the game.
Fantasy Football Rating: Derrick Dockery could be a dominant force in the running and passing game when he cracks the lineup, but even without him in the lineup Washington is looking pretty dominant up front this year.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Prototype. Size.

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