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Courtney Van Buren

San Diego Chargers



Arkansas-Pine Bluff

Strength: Courtney Van Buren is a huge offensive lineman. Will be coached by Marty Schottenheimer.
Weakness: Courtney Van Buren has not faced many 300lbs linemen with burst acceleration and 480lbs bench presses, and will face a steep learning curve. Drafted by Marty Schottenheimer.
Development: Courtney Van Buren was a surprise pick in the mid-third round, as many teams had him as a late 6th round value. But we shouldn't be surprised when Marty is involved in player selection. Courtney Van Buren has huge upside, and downside (puns intended). Courtney Van Buren probably won't start for a while, but he could be a scary sight for defensive linemen in the league when a running play is called. Whether Courtney Van Buren is a Tackle or a Guard remains to be seen. His size is more typical of a Tackle, but Marty likes pass blocking tackles and guards who can push defensive linemen backwards. If Courtney Van Buren can move enough to avoid whiffs to faster linemen and blitzing linebackers, he'll have a good chance to make it in the NFL. Courtney Van Buren will need technique work to compensate for speed issues, but Marty prefers the title of 'Teacher' to the title of 'Coach' and usually gets the best from guys other teams don't want to take a risk on.
Fantasy Football Rating: None.
Prospect Type: Project. Size.

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