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Bryon Leftwich

Jacksonville Jaguars




Strength: Bryon Leftwich is a BIG QB. When I think of watching him play, the picture in my head is: blitzing CBs draped on him trying to pull him down while he throws a 65 yard bomb. Bryon Leftwich has great arm strength. Bryon Leftwich is well respected by coaches and players for his character and willingness to lead.
Weakness: Bryon hasn't played against good competition. Bryon needs to work on mechanics. Tendancy to throw ball into crowds and expect his receivers to be better than the DBs, which won't work in the NFL.
Development: Bryon is one of the more raw QBs drafted. His arm and leadership are certainly worth waiting for if he can adapt to the NFL game. Look for him to sit on the bench behind Brunnell for a while. In fact, hope for Bryon Leftwich to sit and learn for a while. Brett Favre took a while to develop and so will Bryon if it is done right. Jacksonville needs to develop some good receivers to ease Bryon Leftwich's transition in a couple years. I'd be disappointed if Bryon Leftwich is anywhere other than 3rd on the depth chart this year. It'd be good to get Bryon Leftwich into some games, but only exhibitions and blowouts.
Fantasy Football Rating: Don't draft Bryon Leftwich in your fantasy league. He has an arm that would generate some TDs if he were given the starters job, but he'd also lead the league in INTs (unless one of those cincinnati guys can start all year) with his aggressive style and inexperience. In a year or two he could be a great late pickup when he becomes THE QB.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 65% chance of success. 65% chance of Pro Bowl.

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