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Kenny Peterson

Green Bay Packers



Ohio State

Strength: Kenny Peterson is a workout warrior with great size for a defensive end and great quickness for a defensive tackle. Kenny Peterson is a great tackler and has good initial push on the snap.
Weakness: Kenny Peterson is too small for DT and not quick enough for pass rushing at DE.
Development: Kenny Peterson is one of those labeled a 'tweener' by his athletic assets. As is typical, that label dropped Kenny Peterson in the draft. But the other outlook could be that Kenny Peterson is a versatile run-stopper. If I were coaching Kenny Peterson and my team was put together to feature him, I would use him as a DT on passing downs where his quickness would be rare and at DE on running downs where he could use his runstopping skills without getting run over by the bigger pro players in the middle. Kenny Peterson should see lots of time in the defensive line rotation this year. It remains to be seen what Green Bay's long-term goals for him are.
Fantasy Football Rating: Should have more tackles than your average lineman when he becomes a starter.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Athlete. Versatile/Tweener.

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