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Wade Smith

Miami Dolphins




Strength: Wade Smith is very athletic for an offensive lineman. Wade Smith will occasionally surprise by 'racing' out to block in front of a running back or outhustling a linebacker to a play on the corner. Wade Smith is very intelligent and it shows in his continued improvement from one week to the next. Wade Smith is stronger than his workout numbers show and was constantly exploding through his blocks.
Weakness: Wade Smith is undersized for a tackle.
Development: Wade Smith is a bit light for a Tackle and athletic and fast enough to be the biggest tight end in the league, so it'll be interesting to see how Miami envisions him. Wade Smith would be a nightmare with the ball and a full head of steam going up the middle for any safety or cornerback. If Miami intends to use him as a Tackle, he should be OK right away in spite of his size and inexperience based on his superior athleticism. Over time he could turn into one of the best Tackles in the league. Don't be surprised to see him scaring punt and kick returners on special teams.
Fantasy Football Rating: Wade Smith would be good for both the running and passing games.
Prospect Type: Raw. Gifted Athlete.

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