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Musa Smith

Baltimore Ravens




Strength: Musa Smith has great size and strength for a halfback. Musa Smith blasts through even small holes at top speed, bouncing guys off. Musa Smith has enough speed to take the ball the distance. Musa Smith has good hands in the flat.
Weakness: Musa Smith isn't very shifty, and though he has adequate speed, probably has to use it going up the middle...similar to a Hershel Walker.
Development: Musa Smith is ready to go as an upfield-runner to push the chains and break an occassional big one over the middle. Musa Smith will go in as the favorite to win the #2 job in Baltimore this year. Musa Smith could be very successful controlling the last quarter of games on a team with good run blockers in the middle. Musa Smith's tendancy to run up the middle and through guys may mean he won't have a long career, but as long as he's behind Jamal Lewis he doesn't need to worry about getting worn out or starting.
Fantasy Football Rating: Musa Smith is easily a 1,000 yard rusher with 10-15 TDs if Jamal Lewis goes down.
Prospect Type: Physical Prototype - Bruising Runner.

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