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Mike Seidlin

Carolina Panthers




Strength: Mike Seidlin has good size and hands. Mike Seidlin puts out good effort at whatever he's asked to do on the field. Mike Seidlin put up good receiving numbers his senior season.
Weakness: Mike Seidlin doesn't have ideal speed, strength, or agility.
Development: Mike Seidlin could be a contributor right away at Tight End, as he is a good receiver against zone defenses and when wide receivers take the safety up field with them. Mike Seidlin is also an adequate pass and run blocking TE, which could get him out on the field a lot. Mike Seidlin has some fine-tuning to do on his skills, but don't expect it to take more than a year.
Fantasy Football Rating: Mike Seidlin is a solid receiver and a solid blocker.
Prospect Type: Ready-to-go. Productivity.

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