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Seth Wand

Houston Texans



Northwest Missouri State

Strength: Seth Wand is a big man. Seth Wand makes good blocking reads and moves quickly to get in rushing lanes. Seth Wand has earned a lot of respect for his hard work ethic.
Weakness: Seth Wand isn't as fast or strong or agile as many other tackles in the draft.
Development: Seth Wand has the skills to be a pass blocker and the size to be a run blocker, he just needs a little work on his technique and strength. Seth Wand has always been a student of the game and there is no reason to expect he won't become a complete offensive lineman in this league in a couple years. Seth Wand may be thrust into starting this year on what was a banged up and incredibly weak offensive line last year.
Fantasy Football Rating: Seth Wand has a good chance of starting this year. Whomever starts can only be an improvement over last year's line.
Prospect Type: Project with Ideal Frame.

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