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Kevin Curtis

St. Louis Rams



Utah State

Strength: Kevin Curtis is a coaches dream - skills, 100% effort, willingness to work and learn. It doesn't hurt that Kevin Curtis is extremely fast. Kevin Curtis has good character.
Weakness: Kevin Curtis is smaller than scouts like. There are questions about his ability to avoid or run through bump and run coverage. Some question his football-field speed. Kevin Curtis will be 25 when his rookie season starts.
Development: Kevin Curtis is an example of why third round receivers are often better than first and second rounders, he doesn't fit the physical prototype but he plays well whenever given the opportunity. Kevin Curtis is a combination of solid technique (could be improved still), sprinter speed, and great production. Kevin Curtis should fit in perfectly with St. Louis, but he comes in behind a lot of good receivers. He will probably receive an 'heir apparent to Isaac Bruce' tag, which is unfair. St. Louis makes heavy use of 3rd and 4th receivers and Kevin Curtis should have plenty of opportunities to make plays. Kevin Curtis may be projected as a returner like a 4th receiver in the recent past, but like them he can occassionally drop the ball. Kevin Curtis does have some experience in a special teams roll.
Fantasy Football Rating: Kevin Curtis will have a limited impact this year, but he will get opportunities with the ball and may have several big plays.
Prospect Type: Productivity. Ready-to-go.

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