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Wayne Hunter

Seattle Seahawks




Strength: Wayne Hunter is well-built and moves very well for a tackle. Wayne Hunter has a big frame. Wayne Hunter only played one year on the offensive line and was already showing signs of being a dominant blocker.
Weakness: Wayne Hunter is a bit undersized for a tackle. Wayne Hunter is very inexperienced as an offensive lineman.
Development: Wayne Hunter doesn't have a lot of experience, especially as a run blocker. However, Wayne Hunter has the body for the position and should be able to learn run blocking over time. Wayne Hunter should continue to improve his blocking each year, but in Seattle he may end up starting before he's ready. Wayne Hunter definitely has the skills to be a very good lineman in a couple years with the right coaching and hard work.
Fantasy Football Rating: Wayne Hunter will make mistakes if he starts this year, but might still be an upgrade to the passing and running game after what happened with the line in Seattle last year.
Prospect Type: Skills. Body. Project.

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