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Vince Manuwai

Jacksonville Jaguars




Strength: Vince Manuwai is considered by many to be the best pass blocker in the draft. Vince Manuwai is compact and has very strong arms and hands. Vince Manuwai never seems to get beat or play a pass rush wrong. Vince Manuwai moves around quickly.
Weakness: Vince Manuwai has no upfield speed for run blocking.
Development: Forget that he faced a few terrible college teams each year, Vince Manuwai is an extremely safe third round pick. Vince Manuwai is polished and ready to go as a Guard in the NFL. There are questions about how he will do run blocking in the NFL, but he gets his assignments right and his pass blocking is dominating. Vince Manuwai will be able to learn run blocking technique pretty quickly and he has the skills to do it.
Fantasy Football Rating: Don't expect Vince Manuwai to struggle, even as a rookie. Vince Manuwai will instantly upgrade the pass game which will open up the run game even if he doesn't dominate as a run blocker.
Prospect Type: Polished and Ready-to-go.

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