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Gerald Hayes

Arizona Cardinals




Strength: Gerald Hayes doesn't wait for ball carriers to get to him, he goes right in after them. Gerald Hayes is an above average blitzing MLB. Gerald Hayes is a good athlete. Gerald Hayes is a good tackler.
Weakness: Gerald Hayes is a bit small for an MLB. Gerald Hayes is not good in pass coverage and will occassionally misread the play.
Development: Gerald Hayes is somewhat unique for the MLB position, in that he's better rushing the QB than covering TEs and RBs. Gerald Hayes was one of the most successful run stuffers in college football. Gerald Hayes should be able to step in and play on running plays. NFL offenses, however, are generally masters of disguise and Gerald will need to spend a lot of time with the linebackers coach studying film if he wants to turn into an every down MLB down the road. Situational MLB are not very common in the NFL and Gerald Hayes will not be effective unless the defense is designed with his skills in mind. Gerald Hayes is a good enough athlete to be a good special teams performer.
Fantasy Football Rating: Gerald Hayes would be an excellent blitz backer and always makes a lot of tackles in the running game, so watch the first couple games to see how effectively Arizona uses his talents before deciding on him.
Prospect Type: Skills Project. Gifted specialties - run stuffing, pass rushing.

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