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Johnathan Sullivan

New Orleans Saints




Strength: Johnathan Sullivan is very strong, has good size, has quick reactions to plays, and has a motor that won't quit. Every team needs players with the relentless effort of Johnathan Sullivan.
Weakness: Johnathan Sullivan isn't exceptionally fast in the open field. Johnathan Sullivan needs a lot of work on fundamentals and reading his blocking opponent for weakness and responding with the appropriate moves.
Development: Many draft experts questioned New Orleans taking Sullivan ahead of other defensive tackles, most likely because Johnathan Sullivan is a bit of a developmental project when it comes to technique. That said, Johnathan has enough skills to be a starter immediately. Johnathan Sullivan's dominating potential is as great as anyone's in this draft, but it will take a lot of work to get him there. With determination and renlentless effort being his key strengths, there is no reason to doubt he'll be in this league a long time. You can't blame the Saints for drafting a player after the coach's own heart.
Fantasy Football Rating: Will rack up more tackles than most defensive tackles. Average in other stats. If you draft team defenses in your league, however, Johnathan Sullivan will break down a lot of plays and leave big plays (statistics) for the guys around him.
Typecast Outlook Opinion: 90% chance of success. 60% chance of Pro Bowl.

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