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Jason Whitten

Dallas Cowboys




Strength: Jason Whitten has good height and athleticism for a tight end. Jason Whitten is a solid blocking tight end. Jason Whitten had great pass catching statistics for a TE last year.
Weakness: Jason Whitten doesn't have a linemen's mentality (best I could do for a negative).
Development: Jason Whitten might of been the #1 TE taken in the draft next year if he'd stayed in school another year. Jason Whitten doesn't have the jaw dropping workout numbers you generally see on #1 picks, but his production against top compeition is undeniable. Jason Whitten has all of the tools a tight end needs and should come in and challenge for the #1 TE job, and at least be #2 on the depth chart. Look for Jason Whitten to be the #1 TE by the start of next year. Jason Whitten can stay in all 4 downs on offense because he can block, receive, and play special teams. His skill to work on should be getting an offensive mind-set on running plays.
Fantasy Football Rating: Big impact fantasy player when he takes the #1 job.
Prospect Type: Ideal build. Raw yet ready.

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