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Lance Briggs

Chicago Bears




Strength: Lance Briggs is one of those middle linebackers who always seems to be around the ball carrier. Lance Briggs makes a lot of big plays. Lance Briggs has plenty of quickness to do everything a LB needs to do on the field.
Weakness: Lance Briggs isn't as tall as scouts like their middle linebackers to be.
Development: It is obvious with this pick what Chicago was looking for: Lance Briggs is an every-down impact middle linebacker who is tends to be where he needs to be, in the tradition of Mike Singletary. Lance Briggs isn't the most athletically gifted linebacker in this draft, but he isn't lacking in that area either. Lance Briggs instincts should allow him to be one of those rare middle linebackers who is ready to play right away. Of course he'll have to earn his playing time. Lance Briggs should be one of Chicago's special teams tackles leaders until he is a full time MLB.
Fantasy Football Rating: Lance Briggs will be one of the better run-stoppers around. Lance Briggs made a lot of tackles and showed ball skills with some forced fumbles, fumble recoveries, and ints at the linebacker position.
Prospect Type: Solid and Ready.

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